Wellness Apps

Healthy living can be fun and easy, especially with so many new low-cost and free apps available. Healthcare professionals recognize that wellness apps are a great way for patients to be more engaged with their personal health.

WINhealth Recommended Wellness Apps

Drinking Water

Free Android

Staying hydrated is important! Drinking Water will easily track your water intake, help you set goals for water consumption, and remind you of when you need to drink more.

Fast Food Calorie Lookup

Free Android

Fast food menu information right at your fingertips! Fast Food Calorie Lookup quickly provides the calories and nutritional information of your favorite fast food meals.

Fast Food Calories

Free iOS

Is fast food a part of your diet? Fast Food Calories offers an easy way to track the nutritional data for available fast food restaurants.

Gluten Free Fast Food

$0.99 Android

Living a gluten Free lifestyle? Gluten Free Fast Food is a helpful reference for determining the gluten Free options offered at many fast food restaurants.

Eating Well

Free Cross-platform iOS

Struggling for meal ideas? Eating Well and their Healthy in a Hurry app help you to find your culinary inspiration in the kitchen.

Lose It

Free iOS Android

Supporting you through more than weight loss, Lose It helps you set goals, track activities, connect and compete with others, and challenge yourself.

My Fitness Pal

Free Cross-platform

A healthy weight is an essential part of your well-being! My Fitness Pal will help monitor your calories and exercise, so you can stay on track to reach your goal weight.

Daily Burn

Free Cross-platform

Get moving and stay motivated... wherever you are! Daily Burn allows you to stream workout videos anywhere – at home, at the gym, at the office, or on the go.


Free Cross-platform

Integrate fitness into your life. Fitbit will sync your tracker stats, log food and calories, monitor goals and progress, and even allow you to compete or share information with friends.
*The Free Fitbit app requires the purchase of a Fitbit tracker to sync personal statistic information.


Free Cross-platform

It’s not just about running! RunKeeper can track your fitness activities, utilize GPS, provide detailed statistics, measure your performance, and much more.


Free Cross-platform

Maintaining an active lifestyle requires focus and commitment. Runtastic offers a variety of apps that help you stay dedicated to your fitness goals.


Free Cross-platform

Record all of your workout details in one place! MapMyWalk will monitor your route, pace, duration, distance, speed, and elevation using an interactive map on your handheld device.

Relax Completely

Free iOS Android

Constant high stress environments can negatively affect your health. Relax Completely presents a hypnosis meditation session for deep relaxation created by one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists.

Room to Breathe Meditation

Free iOS Android

Reconnect with yourself and the present. Room to Breathe Meditation offers ways to reduce stress, improve health, and increase energy.

Stretching Routines

Free Android

Stretching keeps your muscles flexible and ready to move! Stretching Routines provides different sets of stretches appropriate for specific sports, areas of the body, and other work or play situations.

BMI Buddy

Free Android

Simple and easy to use, BMI Buddy is a body mass index calculator capable of both metric and standard measurements.

Blood Pressure

Free Android

Do you monitor your own blood pressure? Use the Blood Pressure app to track, analyze, and store your results…or even send them directly to your doctor!

My Pregnancy Today

Free Cross-platform

Are you currently expecting? Brought to you by BabyCenter, the most trusted parenting resource, My Pregnancy Today is your expert guide to pregnancy.

Glucose Buddy

Free iOS

Living with diabetes can be challenging. Glucose Buddy allows you to store important data such as glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages, and activities.

Web MD

Free Cross-platform

Vital health and wellness information available wherever you are. Web MD gives you trusted health information regarding symptoms, conditions, drugs and treatments, pill identification, first aid, and local health listings.