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Please take notice that on October 21, 2015 the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Wyoming (the "Commissioner) was appointed by the District Court, First Judicial District as Receiver of WINhealth Partners (the "Company") pursuant to Statute 26-28-105(a)(i) and (ix) of the Wyoming Insurance Code. The Commissioner has the responsibility to take these actions whenever a company is deemed to be statutorialy impaired. 

So long as premium payments are current, groups will be covered by their plan through December 31, 2015. Groups will need to find a new plan with a different carrier for January 1, 2016 and beyond. WINhealth and the Department of Insurance will work with groups to find alternative coverage.

The exception to this is for most groups with a November renewal date and all groups with a December renewal date. WINhealth will not renew groups in November or December that have not already submitted their required renewal package. As such, these groups will need to find a plan with a different carrier. 

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Customer Service Specialist 

WINhealth is committed to providing you and your employees with first-rate customer service. On our end, that means going beyond answering questions about claims and truly providing you with access to the information and resources you need.

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WINConnect is a powerful, user-friendly tool that gives employers access to important information 24 hours a day. With the WINConnect Employer Portal, you can also send secure messages to WINHealth or directly from the portal.

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Workplace wellness programs are an investment in your company’s most important resource: your workers. Studies have shown that workers are more likely to perform well in their jobs when they are feeling well both physically and mentally. In fact, wellness programs increase overall company productivity by:

  • Attracting superior quality staff
  • Reducing the rate of absenteeism and time lost
  • Enhancing on-the-job time utilization and decision making
  • Improving worker morale, which helps lower turnover
  • Slowing the growth of healthcare costs by promoting a healthier office

WINhealth’s Wellness Program is specifically designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of people’s lives through health education and coaching. To read the WINhealth Wellness Program mission and vision statements, and to learn more about how our program’s unique components help empower healthier employees, head to our Wellness Program page.

For more information about WINhealth’s Wellness Program, or to set up a free consultation meeting, please contact Tracie Peterson, Wellness Coordinator at (307) 773-1322 or