About Us

When you have a health plan that truly supports your health care needs, you have WINhealth. We’re a not-for-profit managed care company founded by healthcare professionals and we know what’s most important—your wellness. From choice of doctors to healthy living tools, our affordable plans demonstrate our strong commitment to delivering quality health care options to our members.

Our history

When our founders created WINhealth Partners in 1996, their intention was to improve Wyoming healthcare options for residents and businesses. WINhealth leaders felt Wyoming residents should have the opportunity to stay in-state to receive affordable care when needed. Working with local employers and providers, we developed network-based plans that help reduce guesswork for members.

Our commitment to the future

We’re dedicated to finding solutions for the constant rise in healthcare costs. By communicating with members and providers, we’re able to explore ways that WINhealth can provide better service and help you manage the cost of premiums through preventive care.

What makes WINhealth different from other health insurance companies is our emphasis on preventive care—taking measures to prevent sickness and disease rather than waiting to cure or treat the symptoms after they’ve already affected your life. In addition to supporting individual health, preventive care also helps at a public level, keeping families and communities healthier.

We also understand that there are many moderate to serious health conditions that are not preventable, which is why we’ve developed chronic care support programs for any of our members who are living with asthma, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, depression, and other conditions.

Every day, we work to grow our network and continue to improve the services we provide to our members. It’s an investment that we’ve made in the people of Wyoming, Colorado, and surrounding states, and one that we believe is best fulfilled when you become empowered to take control of your own health.