About WINhealth

Your healthcare plan should be more than just protection against the “what ifs” in life. Your healthcare plan should empower you to live the best life possible. At WINhealth, we know what’s ultimately most important: your wellness. That’s why we provide plans for our members that are both powerful and affordable, ensuring that you receive comprehensive coverage and the utmost value from your insurance.

We’re a not-for-profit managed care company founded by professionals, and we’re changing the way that healthcare works for you – because we believe your insurance should help you to be at your best in life.

Our history

WINhealth was founded in 1996 with the intention of improving healthcare options for Wyoming residents and businesses. WINhealth’s leaders felt Wyoming residents should have the opportunity to stay in-state to receive the quality, affordable care that they deserve. Nearly 20 years later, we’ve stayed true to that commitment by expanding our network to include thousands of providers and specialists in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Utah, Idaho and South Dakota – all while continuing to maintain affordable rates and offer special wellness benefits for our members. 

Our commitment to the future

We’re dedicated to finding solutions for the constant rise in healthcare costs. By communicating with members and providers, we’re able to explore ways that WINhealth can provide better service and help you manage the cost of premiums through preventive care.

Preventative care doesn’t just enable healthy individuals – it promotes healthier families and communities by stopping sickness and disease before they have the chance to impact lives. 

But WINhealth’s commitment to protecting our members doesn’t stop there. We provide chronic care support programs that help manage conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, depression and other ailments that impact lives each day. We provide comprehensive identity theft protection to keep our members safe from the growing threat of fraudulent information use. And we’re constantly looking to the future in providing a range of wellness resources that promote healthier lives today – and for tomorrow.  

Every day, we work to grow our network and continue to improve the services we provide to our members. It’s an investment that we’ve made in the people of Wyoming, Colorado, and surrounding states – because we truly believe in empowering you to take control of your own health. 

Leadership Team

  • Stephen K. Goldstone
    President & CEO

  • Lonny Warren
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dr. Kirk Shamley
    Medical Director

  • Caitlin Rooney
    Director of Marketing,
    Communications & 
    Community Relations

  • Fran Keane-Foster
    General Counsel

  • Keri DeBall
    Vice President - Operations

  • Barbara Wild, RN
    Manager of Health,
    Member & Provider

  • Mary Augustin
    Manager of Administration
    & Facilities

Sales Team

  • Mary Slater

    Senior Account Executive

  • Amanda Pelto

    Individual Products Manager

Client Services Team

  • Brad Goodman

    Account Executive

  • Linda Grant

    Territory Manager

  • Lee Harden

    Territory Manager